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Weird Texture Issue

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So I converted an armour from Oblivion, if I open the nif file in nif skope, the textures appear. In-game there are no textures, looks like a clay model...


Any ideas what the issue is? I've uploaded pictures.


I'm pretty sure that the texture address is correct....





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1. Did you fix the BSLightingShaderProperty? It's screwed up after you export the model from 3ds or blender or w/e, best option is to copy it from another armor and assign the new textures.

2. Did you fix the normalmap? You need to go to "BS Num UV Sets" under NiTriShapeData and set it to 4097 to fix the normal map, it's probably set to 1 after exporting the mesh.

    Then you go to NiTriShape, the one to which the NiTriShapeData belongs, right click ---> mesh ---> Update Tangent Space, do that with every mesh-piece that the armor has.





I doubt that number 2 is the cause of that texture issue but the armor looks like crap without a working normal map anyway.



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