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Invisible/nonexistent Words


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Hello, I'm trying to get back into New Vegas and as a result of trying to do so, I've added a few more mods to my game. Two of those mods were DUINV and MTUI. Later, when I realized that MTUI probably wasn't needed with DUINV, I uninstalled it, and now my game seems to be lacking words/letters (check the spoiler for an image). I've installed NVEC, and it apparently detected DUINV and added some support for it, not sure if that could be the cause though. There are clickable, functional boxes that I can click, but nothing is actually labeled. The same occurs in game as well, a rather disturbing lack of words. I'm fairly confident that my idiocy with MTUI is what caused it, but are there any other causes for this symptom? And more importantly, is there a solvency? For reference, I have made the .ini tweaks that are mandatory in my fallout_default, fallout, and falloutprefs file.






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Uninstall DUINV and see if that fixes it.


If not, could be a corrupted plugin, disable all of them and see if it works, if so then reenable/disable them in batches until you track down the problem one.


I hope you are using a mod manager to install/uninstall everything, if not, look at Prideslayer's stickied thread about fixing a broken FNV, and then start using one.

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Took your advice and tried enabling/disabling everything, that didn't work unfortunately. I did however delete most of my /data folder and let steam do its thing. Everything appears to be more or less resolved now. Thanks!

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