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Getting NPC spell effects to persist on Fast travel and entering/exiting worldspaces?


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So, I made some breakthroughs on the Macromancy edit I was doing in getting the NPC values I was sending to them to be applied, and recalled successfully on game load, and now I'm noticing other issues.


Specifically, if I fast-travel or use a carriage, or enter / exit one of the major cities, the NPC tracking spell is gone completely with no warning. I can manually reapply the spell effect and it happily updates the Ninode scaling like before, but I figure it's dropping from NPCs, including my follower, for some reason.


It's set in the CK as a constant effect on self (directly applied to NPC via other spells), with no duration, hide in UI, and painless checked. I'm including the source of the NPC script I'm using (with debugging enabled to see what's firing, or not). I get Cell Detached notifications when moving in or out of structures, but no Cell Attached or Cell Loaded notifications. It'll still update until I move between worldspaces or fast travel. 


Also, is there a way I can get the spell to remain, but be dormant on actors outside of the cell(s) I'm currently in until I return?


If I asked this in the wrong area, feel free to move it. Thanks in advance.


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I'm not sure if its a bug or intended mechanism, but theres no way to keep spell on non-player actors.


All spells added dynamically (read: not in CK) are not persistent, thus they will be gone after NPC unloads (cell changes). You need to re-add them via cloak or find some other method.

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