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HDT loincloth?


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This is a DIYkit and a beta I just mocked up:


Step 1: Copy ALL NPRChinaDressF weights over from NPR China dress to your similar matching loincloth nif.

Step 2: Make sure you have XPMSE or XPMS skeleton installed in skyrim

Step 3: Attach this xml via NiStringExtradata to your armour

Step 4: Test in-game


Please note, weight adjustments and maybe some light editing of xml could be necessary. This xml is just an edited version of the one used for NPR China Dress. You do not need the mod, unless you need the original nifs to copy weights from. Also, I haven't tested in-game, but logically it should work fine.


And no, I won't be working and perfecting this more until I get my other project finished. Any armour modders interested in testing this are free to pm me for any help required.


Thank xp32 for inadvertently not understanding how the original NPR china dress bones worked and packaging them into her skeleton anyway. (Would be nice if we could rename them later on though...)


Thank original creator of NPR China Dress for making the xml and weights :D


Loincloth xml beta download

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I used to like the Leia Slave outfits but wear one of them and sit down and you see why physics are needed. I really hope this to become a new standard, may as well since there are tons of dated stuff out there that needs to be upgraded, or abandoned.

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