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Squirt hotfix for sexlab 1.39b

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i think its not needed for sexlab 1.5+


this will fix the non stop squirting in sexlab squirt with sexlab 1.39b.

dont remove sexlab squirt just overwrite the file.


credits go to slayster



changes to script:

Function RegModEvents()

RegisterForModEvent("OrgasmStart", "ActorStartSquirt")

RegisterForModEvent("OrgasmEnd", "ActorEndSquirt")

RegisterForModEvent("Animationend", "ActorEndSquirt")


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    sexlab squirt
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Thx, for this. I still use v1.39b and don't plan to upgrade so soon. I just have a fresh Skyrim install and no motivation to play without half of my not yet updated SexLab mods.


I have a very old save (lvl 320 Dragonborn, 30 MB save...and the best is, it still works, flawlessly, over 200 mods installed) where I upgraded Squirt twice I think and never had the endless squirt issue. Now I am playing on a fresh installation and install this mod the first time and have an endless squirt issue... 

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