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Lovers doesnt work for me :(

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Hey Guys,


so, I installed Lovers, but it doesnt really work. I can start the game and there are nude playermodels but normally i should have spells like rape and stuff, right?


I followed this tutorial: http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/XLovers_for_Oblivion


Also, i run the german version of the game, could that be the reason why it's not working?


Here's a screen from my modloader




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Try this order for your mods to load and see if it works.  First things first:  Oblivion.esm must load before anything else, ever as it's the game.


1:  Oblivion.esm

2:  Lovers with PK.esm

3:  Loverscreature.esm

4:  LoversRaperS.esp

5:  LoversBed.esp

6:  Lovers with PK.esp

7:  LoversDoctor.esp

8:  LoversCreature.esp

9:  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp

10: LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp



Hopefully this helps. Look around on this site, you can find instructions for load ordering, and remember to read the included readme's.  You most likely could have and would have found the answer to this question by doing that ;)


Happy gaming!  -Merctime

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I haven't used Doctor, so I don't personally know about that one.  my next advice I suppose is after you have adjusted your load order, read through the readme's and see if you have missed something.  Next, I think you should double check your Oblivion/data folder.  Look to see if you have double folders (such as oblivion/data/data, or oblivion/data/meshes/meshes).  This can sometimes happen, depending on how you install.  If this is the case, you need to correct those paths by making sure all of the stuff in say oblivion/data/meshes/meshes gets copied and pasted into its proper place, in this case oblivion/data/meshes.  once you have gone through the folder and made sure there are no doubles, and have reread the readme's to make total sure you have all of the requirements installed in the right place in your data folder, then try to start a new game from scratch.  Usually, when you add a mod/change your load order its wise to start a new game.  If your not using a program called wrye bash...in which case you might just be able to get away with rebuilding the bashed patch.  If you are new to using mods with oblivion.....it's probably wise not to learn with xLovers.  Try some other mods first until you get the hang of this, it will still be here :)  And by the way, welcome to the forums :D


Edit:  Just to make this clear, I'm not trying to be rude.  just trying to help in the clearest way that i know how :)


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I'd rather not make a separate thread and I really hate to ask for help troubleshooting since I've always just spent my own time figuring this stuff out. But I recently updated to Lovers Revision 89 off this site (I believe I've not updated since 84 or 85 or something) and I get a CTD everytime I boot up a save. So I stripped my mods off and start the game with just Lovers PK .esp and .esm and the game plays it just constantly reminds me to activate LoversIdleAnimations. So I can wander around no problem and the game doesn't crash. However the second I activate LoversIdleAnimations (and no other mods just that .esp) the game crashes everytime I load a save. I can still use my older version of Loverspk .esp and esm just fine without crashes.


Does anyone know if there's some kind of bug with the LoversIdleAnimations .esp? Just wondering if anyone else has these problems. I guess worse come to worse I'll just revert to my older .esp's.


BTW I've already done the tried and true "turn off all mods make a clean save then re-activate mods".

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