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so animations are not working try doing everything to get them to work. defeat,Dangerously Nude/night, lover victim/confort, braw rape,ect i tried every mod to see if the sex work all they did was stand making sex sounds. also i have the newest skse and fnis. here my loading order



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Well first thing to know any savegame you've done with that load order is broken get rid of it and start a new one, then use BOSS at least to sort your plugins. Update.esm should be first thing after Skyrim.esm for example. Also you're missing the unofficial patches, although if you only want some skyrim porn you don't need them. I'd recommend you to resintall skyrim and use Mod Organizer instead of NMM, but if you wanna use NMM at least use BOSS that load order is all bad.


Also of course there's no skeleton in that list, that's a plugin list skeleton and meshes doesn't show up there.

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I agree with Lother. You must use Boss to set proper load order. There are some mods that are in conflict. One of the ways is to run run Wrye bash after running Boss to merge the files. Wrye bash will tell you what mods are in conflict and it will ask you what do you want to do with them. If you do not know how to use wry bash, you can find video clips on YouTube.

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Now, start Boss by pressing "run BOSS". Then the BOSS will list  the summary of your mods (recognized, unrecognized, active, inactive, etc.) Pay attention on warnings and errors on your right side.


Here is the link of using BOSS and load order so you can do accordingly.


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