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{Request} Aging in skyrim


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I'm pretty sure this is WAY to big for what this place allows for loading, but here goes!  I've had this idea of letting a player have the ultimate role-play type experience featuring themselves starting as a child character, say around 8ish maybe.  Instead of levels just being levels, work them like your age.  Your model begin as a child model, most likely like ones currently made for different races.   As your level goes up, your model grow at incraments and some possible texture blend as come closer to the adult levels.  And for those that like lore, a feature making it so you can't even start your dragon born adventure until you hit say 16-18?  Maybe even have a couple of the followers, like the child ones already avalable patch that lets the grow up beside you.  The follower would be a totaly seperate thing most likely.   Heh, maybe even have as added take the children you adopt and raise to full adults to be the next dragon slaying warriors ;)

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There is a mod called "Enhanced Character Edit" which lets you play as a "young nord" race. If you use that and play a little with the height and thickness bars, it's possible to create a child-like character. After that, check out the code used by Gopher for his "Pumping Iron" mod. That mod somehow makes your character grow in size after a night's sleep if you have battled/blacksmithed/excercised enough. So it's probably a bit easier to use such a mod-mechanic to link to the level-system. You'd have to set the parameters, increasing heigh a bit, increase musclemass a bit...


The bigger problem would probably be: for men, how do you select your beard? All male PC's would be clean shaven. It could be possible to say that at Lv 10 (or however you coult the levels until maturity) you are put into the Character Creation Screen again and you get to make your adult character, but then the immersion is off as you could pick another race. Or change completely. The Young Nord character can look like a young-adult though (what I did), with just a bit of slimming in the face and neck, maybe a small patch of facial hair...so that's not too big an issue. Personally, I'd say if you base it on "Pumping Iron", then you need to take into account what all happens to a pubering body. Or rather the different proportions of the body.


It could work. But right now, you'd be limited to only the Nord Race until you alter the code to fit the other human races (not too dificult I suppose)...and the elven races (might take a bit of work). I have no idea what it would take to change the beast races.

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