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Once and for all, preventing old women from having young bodies


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As expected, this is proving to be just as much of a stumbling block as pretty much everything I've tried to do with Skyrim modding so far (including my own mod).  The problem: I am attempting to force female NPCs, universally, to have certain bodies, including their corresponding vanilla armor sets.  The solution I have found forces the same mesh changes on elderly females.


Elaboration: I have made use of an old mod called "Unique Everything", which does enable one to use custom bodies on a per-race basis.  I have also made use of its optional download, "Unique Gear", which, through wizardry I wish I fully understood, successfully forces custom armor sets on the custom bodies (though it only offers two body types and is very specific about which races get which body... which is why I really wish I knew how it did it).  This combination causes elderly females to use the custom female meshes - body and armor+body.  The textures are elderly.


I have considered making use of a mod called "The Spice of Life - NPC Body Variety" and manually forcing all the elderly women to use "custom races" which are in fact just the vanilla assets.  This, unfortunately, would be only a half solution, because it would not cover non-named NPCs in towns / generated by other mods such as Inconsequential NPCs.


I feel like I've tried to get some solid solutions to this before, but this time it's the very item I'm trying to get working in my game (in part to help me iron out some things with my own mod).


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There isn't still a good solid mod to acomplish such level of integration and variety. Personally my hopes are put in the new mod that it's suposedly to by released soon by the authour of EveryBody's Diferent, which is at the moment the best SkyProc patcher when it comes to body meshes/textures (currently I'm playing with almost every body mod and body textures in a single game, randomized. I think it's more realistic than having a body and texture for each race. Although it forced me to go only with non skimpy armors -vanilla and immersive armors-, which isnt that bad considering all that effort is for the sake of realism after all).







Those mods are open to be used as a resource for modders (the second requires the first). As it is, the Armor Mult-Body mod only works standalone, non replacer though.


ElderRace rarely uses armors, much less women. So you there can reduce the gap a bit into a couple of clothes (there are like 10 clothes in Skyrim?).


Or just go with vanilla clothes all the way. All older women in Skyrim are nords, they are suposed be poor and skimpy ;o (well maybe not Maven, but Maven takes care of her body because she's rich...)


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I thought the older women in Skyrim already were kinda wrinkled even with a custom body? I swore I ended an old lady in my torture chamber and noticed her body, although the same model, was far more wrinkled than the young lady on the other side. Granted, gravity didn't really show as having an actual sagging aged effect. Perhaps I could go look in the chamber, last I was there they were all still, laying around...

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ElderRace rarely uses armors, much less women. So you there can reduce the gap a bit into a couple of clothes (there are like 10 clothes in Skyrim?).



Hmm.  If I force some clothes to use the vanilla body for the sake of the old women who wear them, would that not also cause young women wearing the same clothes to use the vanilla body?


Or just go with vanilla clothes all the way. All older women in Skyrim are nords, they are suposed be poor and skimpy ;o (well maybe not Maven, but Maven takes care of her body because she's rich...)


The whole idea is to force elderly women to look completely unchanged from their vanilla state. ;p  For the time being I will put this one back on the backburner, and then if nothing turns up when I'm finally ready to start playing, I'll just go the Spice of Life route with the named NPCs and then whenever I encounter a non-named old woman I'll just impotently shake my fist at a game that has defeated two solid years of community modding efforts. ;p


I thought the older women in Skyrim already were kinda wrinkled even with a custom body?


Right.  The textures are definitely correct for the NPCs.  The body mesh is the issue.


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Eh that's not fair. I think there wasn't such an effort, making diferent armors for old women seems to be something of the minimal general interest to be honest.


I tend to think of it as one facet of a more generalized modding capacity that has not been attained.  Being able to define your custom race as a Nord or whatever.  Separating player animations from NPC animations.  Stuff like that.  People want it, but it just might require a SKSE-like solution.  Some great stride that makes such things trivial, a-la-carte.  Maybe the imminent mod you referenced earlier will be another such stride, and we can all laugh about how difficult / impossible this used to be.

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I really think that most people find sufficient the normal maps for old people, and even though, a few mods have attempted to work that in some ways. I find it a curious attempt into more realism or immersion for sex mods, but I think most people isn't quite interested in eldery for such purposes, and sex mods themself are a minority too. Other thing is if you simply want to use skimpy armors along with vanilla ones, in which case the most simple solution it's using standalone packs along with the vanilla gear, that's why 99% of vanilla replacers comes with standalone option, so really only a few 'selected' people would notice some absence of more straight direct solutions. However solutions are there, becaise there's always someone with the same interests, fortunately.

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Make a new folder in:

data / meshes / actors / character / character assets

call it something like smelly old people. 


Now put the bodies you want for old people in

data / meshes / actors / character / character assets / smelly old people


Look up:


NakedTorsoOld in the armor add-on category of the ck

Change its bodies to w/e body you put in the smelly old people folder.


Now all your naked old people are still naked old people, only different. Repeat with hands/feet as necessary (you may need to make old people versions). Edit: There are entries in the AA's for NakedFeetOld, and NakedHandsOld as well.


Remember:  Being Naked Is Armor as far as Skyrim is concerned.


The problem comes in when they (old people) equip stuff, just like having any other body wearing something that wasn't made for them, you are going to have issues.

Unless you make old people only armor add-ons with old people versions of the clothes they wear, then add those to the actual armor entries. While removing the old people race entries from what's already there.  (elderrace and elderracevampire, greybeard might be a separate race too, I've never checked).


Changing naked people is as easy as adding armor, just a fuck of lot more tedious because you have to do it 147 billion times just for 1 race.




2nd Edit:  If you want to play with the old people textures:

Type  skinbodyfemaleold into the filter, or skinbodymaleold for males, then click on the all tab at the bottom. Form type is TXST

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Replying with phone. Felt I should clarify my aim here. I am not overly concerned with how the old women look naked. The problem is that their armor- (clothes-) wearing body is my custom body and not vanilla. That is what I want tocorrect. Will check out your suggestion and give a better reply later.

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SSDD, naked = any other armor


It's all in the armor add-ons, and where you put them, with what race entries.


So make new folders for all the armor old people wear, 

ex:  Data / meshes / armor / iron / smelly old people in iron

put the meshes you want for old people there


In the ck:

Open the IronCuirassAA armor add-on remove the Elderrace, and elderracevampire entries from additional races

Make a copy of that entry named 00OLDPeopleIronCuirassAA, remove all additional race entries from that copy, and set its main race as elderrace, add elderracevampire in the additional race entries.

Set the meshes to the ones in your / data / meshes / armor / iron / smelly old people in iron /  folder.


In the actual armor category, find ArmorIronCuirass, tick the box that says show all, right click in the little window below that, click "New" and find the old people version you just made.  Which is now right at the top, because you did what you were told and named that entry with a 00 in front so you don't have to scroll through a whole pile of other shit.


For more examples, just look at helmets, in the armor category, and click that "show all" box.  Poof now you see how all the Khajiit/Argonian helmets work.....  Exact same thing.



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As I said before, rarely ElderRaces comes fitted with other thing than clothes, and there are a very few (4 farm clothes, 2 fine clothes, 1 barkeeper which is used also as chief with other texture, and 1 merchant clothes to be more precise, maybe the miner clothes but I dont rememer seeing any elder with that), and there you can add maybe necromancer robes for some witches. Considering that, following your guide wouldnt be so painful if only covers those few clothes. Also a great advantage considering those aren't enchanted so they don't have multiple variants you would need to re-reference like for each armor.

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Alright.  The instructions provided were just what I needed to know.  Thanks!  It took a while - partly because I spent time covering more clothing types than may have been strictly necessary, and partly because the actual method of identifying relevant armor under "Armor" is to some extent guesswork - but as far as I can test without spoiling the gaming experience, it's working.  So I get to mark out another lingering concern and move on to the next. ;p


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