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Sexlab Random sex question- can followers be ignored?


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Sorry if this is an obvious question, but for the random sex mod is it possible for the npcs to ignore your current followers, or make it so your followers can't have sex? I really like the mod, but it's rather inconvenient when my followers start doing it with one another right before a dragon appears, or if they start doing it with a townsperson and I really just need to go somewhere else. I know there's a button to stop current animations, but it gets rather inconvenient quickly, in my opinion. Especially when you have the arousal settings turned all the way up, you basically have to click on that every few minutes :)

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Wouldn't be very random then. Seriously though, I did try something similar in the past, but it turns out that not all followers use the standard framework. Followers such as Vilja, Freya and Serana don't use the standard framework and have to be handled individually. I decided at the time it would be too much work to track down and detect every potential non-standard follower in my Random Sex code, so the idea was shelved.

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