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[Help!] HOW DO I DO A SEX ON PEOPLE (I'm stupid)


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So. I just installed the SexLab framework and then slap on the Mass Match Maker thing for a quick test-run. (EDIT: I MAY THINK THIS IS THE WRONG MOD FOR MY PURPOSE. EDIT AGAIN: NOW I KNOW IT IS.)


I have the FNIS thing installed and know how to use, SKSE, SKYUI, Unofficial Skyrim Patch, BOSS, and a nude body mod (which appeared to make no difference without and has no funny PB and J's in the name, like TPPBABUNPABCDEFG something something) for females. I started up the game, opened the mod manager and added nude suits for males and all that mumbo.


SO HOW DO I START THE SEX ACTS? The spells makes people masturbate, is all I found out, haven't seen anything in dialogue yet, and don't expect to since the mod is labelled Mindless Sex or something along those lines. Plus when my character starts masturbating, I don't seem to have a whole lot of control.


dafuq is dis an plis halp




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You got to remember, Sexlab is just a framework. It provides the animations, but no means to start them.


You can use Sexlab Romance for a more game-type way. I prefer it because it's not "want sex, get sex". Certain married NPCs might not want to sex you. Or certain races might only want their own race or gender preference.


If you're looking for more "mindless sex", there's also Sexlab Matchmaker, which I use.


Sexlab Lovers Comfort will have certain NPCs do the nasty if they're married, for instance.



Really, I advise you to read through the index. :)


AH FUCK! I forgot I wasn't in the Sexlab forums.

Well, it's your choice whether to use Sexlab or another sex mod, but I'd personally suggest Sexlab and it's suite of mods.

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