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[Blade&Soul] Jeryong Heroic Sword

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File Name: [blade&Soul] Jeryong Heroic Sword

File Submitter: uuddlrlr10

File Submitted: 13 Feb 2014

File Category: Weapons & Spells



Hi, it's my first posting to upload a mod.
This mod adds Jeryong Heroic Sword from Blade & Soul to your game of two version, one-handed and two-handed.

These blade's damages and other traits are exactly same with their daedric counterparts.
so you need the daedric crafting perk to make and enhance them.
If you prefer to get these without crafting, may enter console code help jeryong 4 to get the code to use player.additem.

enjoy it!


Click here to download this file

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Looks pretty badass. Should go well with daedric or other such gear.

I've noticed that weapon mods are rather unpopular in loverslab though.

We might want to integrate the use of all these weapons into animation frameworks one day.   <_< But that sounds like hard work. 

One  .esp to rule them all  :lol:

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Guest Ragna_Rok


I've noticed that weapon mods are rather unpopular in loverslab though.



bullshit. did you even notice my 45 mods moved?


and theres sth cool you can do about the number of mods here... what about you start modding? ;)


but watch out, it can get quite addicting once you get the hang of it, and lots of modders come to the point where they spent nearly all time modding and no time gaming. pretty typical for lots of folks i know. on the other hand, you can create exactly the stuff you like... pretty awesome :)

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