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[REQ] Booty clap/shake animation


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The title says it all. Can someone make a mod that puts a booty shake/clap animation mod in? Heres a bit of an extreme example http://m.pornhub.com/video/show/title/making_that_booty_clap/vkey/311615626


Maybe something a little less... explicit, but far more sexy:



click for my example


I guess, but my laziness just makes me find an explicit answer cause i know its the easiest lol XD

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Guest kimbale

The whole shake thing is easily done by using the butt bones (TBBP ofc).

The jiggly stuff on the second one is more in the field of HDT.

As i don't use HDT yet, i don't know how nice both of them play.


Oh, and it's on my to-do-list of teasing animations. :D

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I appove, I am a big fan of booty, Elke the Stallion being my favourate model.



Did you notice how your avatar has the perfect reaction face for the gif you posted ?

Hahaha you're right!



I love thickness asses, picture two is exactly my thing. but with "one picture" as a ass in my bed and I would flee, help, help.

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