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SOS "itty bitty" issue


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I am using SOS full 2.04.002, and when i start up a new game or game that has not had sos in the past the schlongs look great, normal.  But after playing for a while and saving a lot and quick loading a lot, all the schlongs go to the smallest size visually.  The debug spell tells me that the npc has a size 7 schlong but visually he's got an itty bitty dangly (size 1).


If i feed the npc a potion of the dragon/falmer the visual of the schlong goes back to being normal/appropriate for the size it changes to.  Unfortunately this "itty bitty" problem happens for ALL npcs that have been schlonged.  I don't really want to carry around dragon potions and have to force feed all the men.

Before and after picture.



As for mods i am using, i have checked the SOS download page and the compatible/non-compatible list and i do not use any of those mods.  I recently stripped my game mods to bare bones to see if the issue still happened and it does.  All i have installed is:


sexlab, submit, cumshot, fuz roh doh, female facial animation, brawl bugs patch, alternate start, customizable camera, ez2c dialogue menu, feminine female, glowing ore veins, male cleric armor, skyrim expanded loot tables, skyui, realistic ragdolls and force, xp32 skeleton x.93ar41, xp32 new animation package, unpb bbp body, cover women, cover khajiit, apachiiskyhair, aof believable hair, BVFE fangs only, clean your vampire, cover eyes, unp female textures, enhanced character edit, flans eyes, high res face maps for men, sg hair pack, showracemenu precache killer, Smile in HD, Skyrim HD 2k textures, w.a.t.e.r, slofs horse retexture, amidianborn book of silence - armors, and Schlongs of skyrim.



I do have some armor for women installed like tera and things, but i doubt these are the cause.   Unless it could be the HDT highheels system mod, but it doesnt affect men so i dont see how.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i really like the visual look of this mod far more then other male nude mods out there. 

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This started happening to me too after I installed the latest version of SexLab (along with a few other quirks).  What I have discovered is that the schlongification process has slowed WAY down.  For me, the schlongs do eventually get resized on their own, but it might be 4 minutes or so before it happens, and of course, can happen again when I enter a new area.


The additional, unrelated quirk, is that my sexlab animations are also WAY slower than before.  An animation that used to start within 3 seconds, now takes 30 seconds, at least, to begin.  Overall, something "happened" when I installed the latest SexLab that slowed a lot of scripts down dramatically.  I have no idea of the change is coincidental or not, to be honest.  I made a lot of mod changes over the last couple of weeks.



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My animations don't take forever to start but they are choppy like it can't decide what animation it wants to run, starts with a BJ jumps to a Boob job and settles on anal all with in seconds..lol.  Actors are redressing mid animation and a lot of the schlongs are bending toward the thigh during arrok animations.

As for it giving me the schlongified message when loading, it does not.  I hadn't noticed this.  I made a new save instead of just a quick save and loaded it to see if i got the message and it still did not show up.  I will run around in game for a bit and see if it catches up. 
I've been having this issue since sex lab 1.35..it happened the first time i tried SOS, so i went back to the tree branch boner body for men, and tried sos again when 1.39 of sex lab hit, and 2.04.002 of sos hit.  Still happening :(  About 2 weeks of searching and i haven't found much information on the bug so i don't know if i'm simply installing it wrong (which i doubt but who knows).

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ok followed that guard in the picture from the first post around in game for about 10 mins, never saw the schlongified npc and armor message and his member did not resume normal size during this time.  I then tried zoning into the inn which i had not be in yet, did not get the message but the men inside did have normal sized schlongs.  Ran down to the smeltery at the end of town and the men down that way were normal.  So it seems to be only effecting the male npcs in my general area when i save/load (i was abusing the khajiit chest in dawnstar which is why i had so many save/reloads)

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