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Tearing in the screen


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I am having an issue with the animation concerning the male genitalia part, it is a tear/ blur off the screen (the a rip that goes far out) and it annoys me because I have tried re-installing it and the problem persists, I have LAPF with the current update and still it won't show. If you have anything to say that would help me the help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Wrong Skeleton. Install the LAPF Skeleton again.

Unpack LAPF in a empty Folder. Then copie the 2 Skeletons. They are in


The Skeleton.nif and skeletonbeast.nif

and paste them in your game Folder (of course in meshes\characters\_male )


If you have installed LAPF again and still have the bug then your game use the wrong Skeleton.


Have you set archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection in the Mod Manager ? Oblivion always wants to use the original files in the compressed BSA files not copies/replacers in the loose Folders.

To prevent that you must set archive invalidate. see http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15185-xeo-sp/?view=findpost&p=496940

You must do it only one time and never again.


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The LAPF Skeleton is  Growlf's Universal Skeleton with added penis bones, so the LAPF Skeleton works with all BBB armor and clothes and the high heel Mod. All bones included.


If you read the LAPF install instuctions ...

First install the Growlf's Universal Skeleton  http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/37596/

The controllable Skeleton. Not the "total controllable Skeleton". You need the first Person Skeleton. (the one in meshes\characters\_1stperson )

Then Install the LAPF Skeleton and let it overwrite the Skeletons in meshes\characters\_male


Edit: so be carefull with all armor, clothes and Body Mods you install, many have a Skeleton included. Do not overwrite your LAPF Skeleton.

Unpack all Mods in an empty Folder, check what's inside, if you find a Skeleton delete it, then install the Mod or create a Omod.

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The LAPF mesh has penis bones so you need a Skeleton with penis bones and the LAPF Skeleton is the only Skeleton with penis bones. You cannot use any other Skeleton.

post-3205-0-40925400-1392858279_thumb.jpg with a skeleton without penis bones the penis will stretch all over the Screen.

But you can use the LAPF Skeleton with all BBB Mods.


NO Penis ? What do you mean?

The LAPF lowerbody with penis is only used during the sex animations.

No sex and you are nude; the game use the nude Body Mod you have installed. e.g. Roberts male Body V52 http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/40532/

These meshes have no Penis bones so they can not stretch.


Read the LAPF install instuctions in the Spoiler http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21241-lapf/

Do you have OBSE(20 or 21) and Pluggy (v125c or v132) ?

Have you set archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection in the Modmanger or Wrye ? If you have not done it the game use the original meshes and textures (clothed)  and not the nude Body you have installed.

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a streching effect is always a skeleton probleme


if you followed correctly Fejeena's post   and you still have this probleme it means that you have  a mod that points to another skeleton somewhere in your folders or bsa


i suggest you to deactivate the mods one by one to see witch one is doing it and look at the folders that it add to replace them 

also if you are using bash patch you need to remove it the time to find the culprit

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