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Any good CBBE TBBP robes out there?


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As the title says, anyone have links or what have you of some CBBE TBBP robes out there? preferably with bodyslide compatibility? looking to build up a few nice looking robes for my necromancer :3 I'd attach tbbp myself but I always follow the guides and it never works for me =< willing to learn if i can get a coach or something in PM or what have you if the community wishes for me to do my own work =3


thanks to anyone who replies with some sort of wisdom or links =3

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It used to be requests like this were valid as not many people had the time/talent to work with meshes in 3-D programs (namely me).

But with the advent of Outfit Studio, these sort of threads have literally no excuses (there are a few rare exceptions though. which will more than likely be patched in the near future)

If you have the time to sign up for an account to this community and make a request thread, you have enough time to make Outfit Conversions.


I understand that you stated you've worked/tried Outfit Studio and tried to get it working. Appreciable, but without proof or pics of your work can be seen as lacking in attempt.

Now this is my personal bias but have you tried the guides here?:


If you don't like picture tutorials, there are a number of great and helpful video tutorials as well.

The guides were written by me, a normal user such as yourself who at the time had no idea what a .nif is or how to edit meshes.


Now if after following guides and tutorials you still need help, feel free to pm me, I'd more than willing to help you and other users learn the program. Or if you have a specific issue/problem with the actual program contact Cell, a contributor to Outfit Studio who gives EVERYONE a reply back. (Seriously the guy has infinite patience, he's been asked many stupid questions and received much undeserved criticism and he still politely responds back)


That being said. if you also check out the link above I posted some of my 'better' works as downloads. One of them is all the robes and some other stuff from Art of Magicka. Try that out as well and see if you like it.


Sorry if I sound a bit harsh on you for this but I feel pretty passionate about this stuff and am kinda tired of the "armor conversion" request threads, instead I'd rather see "Please help me perfect my BodySlide Conversion" threads. Now those are threads that modders will appreciate.


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Hmmm video tutorials may work, I'm not one for pictures my brain just doesn't work that way .. I'm a hands on learner or having an instructor .. once I figure something out though I'm a quick study and am able to go off on my own from then on out ... I tried some of the guides like outfit studio for dummies and just never could get it to work or it would confuse me when it came time to adjust the body to an outfit. I will try youtube or something for some hopefully "voiced"? tutorials? if I do run into any issues once I try the vid tutorials I'll PM you .. not against willing to keep trying for myself.


Thanks Blabba

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