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Bothersome water & unfitting neck mesh/texture


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I attached two examples of bothersome screenshots.


I have two bothersome things; bothersome water, and unfitting neck mesh/texture. Well I noticed them before but didn't really pay attention to them.

1) Water

The problem with water I noticed long ago. Different story, the water was pink and I downloaded the .dds file fix from this site http://www.oldblivion.com/sm/index.php?topic=4993.0

I don't know what mod messed up my water textures/meshes, but I even tried to install OBGE Liquid Water , and other water enhancement mods, but they didn't work.

I would like the water to look like in vanilla Oblivion:



2) Neck

This irregularity appears on every npc I meet so far. Body replacers I have installed:

-MaleBodyReplacerV4 (by Robert)

-HGEC_Body_with_BBB_v1dot12-34442.omod (DMRA -first option you can choose during installation)

-High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC by Ozmo


Active Mod Files:


00  Oblivion.esm
01  underdark.esm
02  DibellasWatch.esm
03  MathFunctions.esm
04  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm
05  Cobl Main.esm  [Version 1.72]
06  Kvatch Rebuilt.esm
07  Lovers with PK.esm
08  BreakUndies.esm
09  TamagoClub.esm
0A  HiyokoClub.esm
0B  LoversCreature.esm
0C  CM Partners.esm
0D  IceElfRace.esm
0E  Nec Mystic High Elf-Remake.esm  [Version 1.0]
0F  Kaleah Sucub.esm  [Version 1.0]
10  Brothel of Cyrodiil.esm
11  x117race.esm
12  HorseCombatMaster.esm
13  ShieldOnBack.esm  [Version 3.4.1]
14  DanceSynchronizator.esm
++  HrmnsOblivionScriptOptimizationv1.0.esp
15  TRoN.esp
16  YoungerHotterNPCwithPussies.esp
17  Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp  [Version 3.3.7]
18  DLCShiveringIsles.esp
19  Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp  [Version 1.4.4]
1A  OBGE - Liquid Water.esp
1B  Sounds of Cyrodiil.esp  [Version 1.1]
1C  Crowded Roads Advanced.esp  [Version 1.3]
1D  BTMoreEnemies.esp
1E  Wyverex - Deployable Traps.esp
1F  Populated Prisons.esp
20  DropLitTorchOBSE.esp  [Version 2.4]
21  Purge Cell Buffers - Loading.esp  [Version 1.0.0]
22  Map Marker Overhaul.esp  [Version 3.9.3]
23  Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.esp  [Version 3.9.3]
24  DLCHorseArmor.esp
25  DLCHorseArmor - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.6]
26  DLCOrrery.esp
27  DLCOrrery - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.4]
28  DLCVileLair.esp
29  DLCVileLair - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.7]
2A  DLCMehrunesRazor.esp
2B  DLCMehrunesRazor - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.5]
2C  DLCSpellTomes.esp
++  DLCSpellTomes - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.1]
++  MaleBodyReplacerV4.esp
2D  AHIRUs_Glasses_v1.esp
2E  Crossbows of Cyrodiil.esp
2F  Diano.esp
30  J3Xs Flails.esp
31  RGMsRealFlails.esp  [Version 1.1]
32  spartanspears.esp
33  Thieves Arsenal.esp
++  Thieves_Arsenal_Patch_033010.esp
34  Mage Equipment.esp
**  DMRA Stock Robe Skimpy Replacer.esp
35  DMRA BBB Total Replacer Compilation.esp
++  DMRA BBB Total Replacer Compilation Hand Fix.esp
36  R18PN - Dancer's Dress.esp
37  R18PN - Lingeries.esp
38  R18PN - Leere Armor.esp
39  SexyKunoichi.esp
3A  DLCThievesDen.esp
3B  DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.10]
3C  DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp  [Version 1.0.4]
3D  Cobl Glue.esp  [Version 1.72]
3E  Cobl Si.esp  [Version 1.63]
++  Cobl Tweaks.esp  [Version 1.44]
3F  AnvilBayMisteryHouse.esp
40  Asylum.esp
41  DibellasWatchAdditions.esp
42  DSPirateIsleBeta.esp  [Version 0.7]
43  GoldenCrest.esp
44  aaaJNF-&-DS-Pirate-Isles-Beta.esp  [Version 1.0]
45  Kvatch Rebuilt.esp
46  Naughty_Joana_01.esp
47  GTAesgaard.esp  [Version 1.3]
48  Return Of Shadows.esp  [Version 1.1]
49  Servant of the Dawn.esp
4A  Steve - Thieves Guils HQ.esp
4B  Apachii_Goddess_Store.esp
4C  DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
4D  DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.6]
4E  DLCFrostcrag.esp
4F  DLCFrostcrag - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.5]
50  Knights.esp
51  Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.1.2]
52  The Lost Spires.esp
53  ElsweyrAnequina.esp
54  xuldarkforest.esp  [Version 1.0.5]
55  xulStendarrValley.esp  [Version 1.2.2]
56  xulTheHeath.esp
57  XulEntiusGorge.esp
58  xulFallenleafEverglade.esp  [Version 1.3.1]
59  Anequina-Fallenleaf-Patch.esp
5A  xulColovianHighlands_EV.esp  [Version 1.2.1]
5B  xulChorrolHinterland.esp  [Version 1.2.2]
5C  xulBeachesOfCyrodiilLostCoast.esp  [Version 1.6.4]
5D  xulBravilBarrowfields.esp  [Version 1.3.3]
5E  xulLushWoodlands.esp  [Version 1.3.1]
5F  xulAncientYews.esp  [Version 1.4.3]
60  xulAncientRedwoods.esp  [Version 1.6]
61  xulCloudtopMountains.esp  [Version 1.0.3]
62  xulArriusCreek.esp  [Version 1.1.3]
63  xulPatch_AY_AC.esp  [Version 1.1]
64  xulRollingHills_EV.esp  [Version 1.3.3]
65  xulPantherRiver.esp
66  xulRiverEthe.esp  [Version 1.0.2]
67  xulBrenaRiverRavine.esp  [Version 1.1.1]
68  xulImperialIsle.esp  [Version 1.6.7]
69  xulBlackwoodForest.esp  [Version 1.1.0]
6A  xulCheydinhalFalls.esp  [Version 1.0.1]
6B  xulAspenWood.esp  [Version 1.0.2]
6C  xulSkingradOutskirts.esp  [Version 1.0.1]
6D  xulSnowdale.esp  [Version 1.0.3]
6E  xulCliffsOfAnvil.esp  [Version 1.12]
6F  xulSilverfishRiverValley.esp  [Version 1.0.2]
70  xulJerallGlacier.esp  [Version 1.0.0]
71  Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp  [Version 3.08]
72  CoverYourself.esp
73  HUD Status Bars.esp  [Version 5.3.2]
74  TamagoNews.esp
75  TamagoTopic.esp
76  TamagoConfide.esp
77  LoversTamagoClub.esp
78  LoversEncounter.esp
79  HiyokoGenerator.esp
7A  HiyokoGeneratorCreature.esp
7B  TamagoSetBody.esp
7C  Brothel of Cyrodiil.esp
7D  Kaleah Sucub.esp
7E  LoversClubCats.esp
7F  LoversClubCatsSx.esp
80  LoversFSE.esp
81  LoversDRader.esp
82  LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp
83  LoversProstitute.esp  [Version 0.25a]
84  LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp
85  LoversRaperS.esp
86  LoversJoburg.esp
87  LoversSlavePlay.esp
88  LoversBed.esp
89  LoversPayBandit.esp
8A  LoversPower.esp
8B  LoversContraception.esp
8C  Lovers with PK.esp  [Version 90]
8D  LoversBitch.esp
8E  LoversCreature.esp
8F  Lovers with PK Extender.esp  [Version 2.4.3]
90  LoversHelpRapeVPlayer.esp
91  LoversStopCombatEx.esp
92  LoversSpermSplashEx.esp
93  LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer.esp
94  LoversRapeSlave.esp
95  LoversLight.esp
96  LoversTrueCrimeEx.esp
97  LoversSlaveTrader.esp
98  LoversStupidNpc.esp
99  LoversHVirus.esp
9A  LoversSoundVolumeDown.esp
9B  LoversVictims.esp
9C  LoversGalgatBeastRape.esp
9D  Unholy Darkness.esp
9E  SetBody.esp
9F  MidasSpells.esp
A0  Crime & Punishment Overhaul 1.1.esp
A1  Deadly Reflex 6 - Timed Block with no damage or durability changes.esp
A2  Mounted_Spellcasting_Deadly_Reflex_Compatible.esp
A3  DRSplatter.esp
A4  DanceSyncEng.esp
A5  DSDatabase.esp
A6  GangBangSync.esp
A7  Chain it!.esp
A8  zzEstrus.esp
++  TentaclePlant.esp
A9  SP1stPLegs.esp
AA  CM Partners.esp
AB  Nec Mystic High Elf-Remake.esp  [Version 1.0]
AC  _Ren_BeautyPack_full.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
**  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged RoseSims Hair Modules.esp
++  x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
AD  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
AE  X.Races.Comp.esp
AF  CM Partners NPC.esp
B0  CM Partners NPC NE.esp
B1  ambreskav02.esp
B2  1em_Vilja.esp  [Version 4.03]
B3  sexycompanion.esp
B4  pussyfur.esp
B5  UVII.esp
B6  DeadlyReflex 6 - Combat Moves.esp
++  Deadly Reflex 6 - HeX NifSE Patch.esp
B7  UnderdarkSaga.esp
B8  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
B9  ahtata dremora.esp
BA  Ahtata Arquamer female got hair.esp
BB  BetterOrcs v1.02(Old skin&smallTeeth).esp
BC  LoversMB2.esp
BD  LoversAdultYield.esp
BE  LoversSTVictims.esp
BF  LoversLovecall.esp
C0  Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
C1  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
C2  Lovers3dorgasm.esp
C3  LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
C4  WizardHatsV1.esp
C5  Strap-ons.esp
C6  Petrify and Stone Skin Spells.esp
C7  CaptiveMaiden.esp
C8  MaternityClothes.esp
C9  Real_Mannequin.esp
CA  Growlfs O- Rex.esp




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The neck seam is a common problem. Male and female both use the same head texture, but different body textures. Why they did this is beyond me, you can even have different ears between male and female, so why not heads? Don't ask me. Anyway, unless you have a set of textures for both male and female that perfectly match the common head texture, it will always show up on one or both sexes.


As for the water, first of all check the ingame graphics settings, to see if water reflections are on. If so, you can tweak a number of values in oblivion.ini to determine what types of objects it should reflect (statics/npcs/trees, etc.). There's also a setting (or more) for the amount of ripples, you'd have to look that up in an ini tweak guide as I can't remember them.

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I set higher quality water in settings but water still is too transparent. You can see rocks on bottom, vanilla water from Oblivion doesn't show us what is under the water. According to this guide there's no tweaking of water i.e. I typed word 'water' to search tab and there were no results.

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I set higher quality water in settings but water still is too transparent. You can see rocks on bottom' date=' vanilla water from Oblivion doesn't show us what is under the water. According to this guide there's no tweaking of water i.e. I typed word 'water' to search tab and there were no results.


You can in fact tweak the water settings in your via your ini.

Link: http://www.tweakguides.com/Oblivion_10.html

Just scroll down to the Water Variables section. :)

NOTE: Same guide as you posted just 10 pages in are the settings. I have used them myself to minimize the FPS hit water can have before I bought my current system.


As always save a copy of your ini file before making any changes so you can quickly recover should you mess something up.

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