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Any way to integrate Poppo Morion's animfiles from FNIS Ero Spells to sexlab ?


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Hello ! I've just downloaded Fnis Ero spells and I was wondering, is there any way we could ask the guy if he agrees with merging his animations with Sexlab's ? And maybe allow us to tweak them a bit so they follow up in a 2 or 3 part animated set ? 
I don't know if you see which animations I'm talking about, it's the ones in FNIS Spells where it summons some kind of ghost human model to start a sex animobject animation with. 




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I know what you're talking about...and I've wondered about it myself for some time now. It would be nice if somehow the ghosts could be removed from all those animations and integrated into Sexlab as you're saying...but i'm not sure on how one would even go about it or find the guy and ask for his permissions.

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Whose FNIS anims are you talking about (aka link plz)?  All i know of are Brainsperms, which are mostly static, and a few others.  I dont remember any animated FNIS idles since... well, Minilovers was the cutting edge and we only had 4 animations total.


On an unrelated note, we need to start a japanese ad campaign for the sexlab framework so they can hopefully contribute more, I know leileifou had featured it on his main page hub, but god knows what happened to him as his site has been offline for months.



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There Whiskey (apologizes for not setting up the link, I'm lazy) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/11765-%E3%80%90poppo%E3%80%91anime-object-ero-motion-re-pack-version/

 I really really want to try some stuff on that, the motion and the way the animation was painted uses the TBBP motion and the HDT too at it's fullest, if we can manage to talk to the guy and ask him for some help, we could get some really sick new animations with the latest stable HDT. 


PS ; The reason why I didn't ask him directly is because I'm barely confident in my own english and wouldn't know how to talk about technical issues with a Japanese speaking person ... 

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