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Schlongs of Skyrim question


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To download the full version of SoS do I need to download all of the files in the download section or can I only download a few that is needed? I had the full version before but it came to my attention that it was causing some CTDs that I was experiencing but now I wonder if it was just that I had to many versions of it running. I had 3 versions in MCM. Any help would be appreciated.

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The archive for the full version is "SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - <higher version>.7z". Only that is needed.


The 3 things you see in MCM are the 3 addons/schlongs/penises that are included in the full version. I don't know if using just one of them will fix your issues, it won't be worse that's for sure. If you want to uninstall some of them use the MCM remove button before do so.

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