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Looking for some weapons to match outfit. Suggestions?


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I'm looking for some cool looking weapons to match the look and feel of the "White Rose" heavy armor set from the "Dark Shadow Rose" Break Undies collection. Ideally, I can get a one-hander (sword maybe mace) and shield, a big arse two handed sword, and a nice bow.


Not as important (but would be nice) are a good sword n board (a.k.a one-handed weapon and shield) and a large two hander for both the Black Squall Knight Break Undies sets. Suggestions for weapons for the "Shadow Rose" set from the "Dark Shadow Rose" would also be nice, but tertiary to the others I'm currently trying to match.


Trying to find some that are aesthetically pleasing and preferably not insanely overpowered. All suggestions / links welcomed :)


So far, I've tried the Aion Heranas and Aion Rose sets (colors don't match, and insanely overpowered stats) as well as the Nexon's Armory. Some of the Nexon's stuff goes okay with the BSK outfit and has far reasonable stats. I've seen a sword a few times, but never saw the name... looked like the weapon "leveled" or something. Very anime / Japanese looking thing... curious to try that.

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Forgive me for being lazy' date=' but is it possible if you could post screenshots of the armor? It would probably help us offer suggestions little bit more quickly so we don't have to first research what armors you're talking about lol. :)



Lessee... pics for Dancing Shadow Rose set...




and Black Squall Knight...




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i made a gore pack addon for that armor which I retextured a shield helmet and sword to match it.




Use either my esp or create your own


thanks. I'm not a big gore fan (interesting idea though... think I've seen screens of this one already), but I'll have to take a second look at the sword and see if I can figure out how the hell .esp files actually work.

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