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Floating lantern columns


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A very strange bug I have here. Near Imperial bridge, Lake Rumare has a floating column in the air, on the other side it has 2 columns. Mod disabling didn't help, renaming mesh folder proved nothing (columns look like vanilla ones, dunno why I did that). What the hell is going on? Direct install in oblivion esp? But I have a fresh oblivion folder (just put all of my mods in there). Strange things...


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Sheow, this is a common problem that happens when using mods. The more mods you have the greater chance that someone either has a dirty edit or that two modders are adding stuff to the same location. You can try jockeying your load order around a bit but that is unlikely to help. What you need is a compatiblity patch between the two mods (of course the 1st step is to figure out which mod(s) are the culprits.


Just disabling your mods is not going to clear this up if you are not making a clean save! The info is still there in your save game so until you make a clean save or start a new game it will continue to be there.


If you can located the mod or mods that are doing this you can either fix the problem or delete the mod. :)

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If there's 2 mods adding objects to that cell, they should work fine together. However if both also make edits to the landscape, then the last to alter a cell will win. So to fix it, you first need to identify the mod that adds that lantern. A tool that might help you is the FormID finder. The ayleid bridge part also doesn't look familiar in that place. Once you figured out which mods are conflicting, you can try swapping their load order to see if that makes a difference. If not, you might need a compatability patch. Or if this is the only thing that's problematic here, you could just target it with the console and disable it. The redecoration mod is also an option, which gives you spells that allow you to move static items, copy them, save them to spawn them somewhere else. You could push it down a bit, add a rock underneath or basically anything you can think of.


FormID finder: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16704

Redecoration: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24498

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It's unlikely this came from oblivion.esm. The base object for the lantern is defined in oblivion.esm, but this particular instance is likely placed by another mod. A third mod then most likely changed the landscape (possibly unintentionally, a.k.a. a dirty edit) and overwrote whatever landscape was added by the mod that placed the lantern.


Anyway, if that's the only problem, redecoration will do the trick.

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