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No Beasts, Just Humanoids (And dragons)


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So, I was wondering - the mods that provide animations for falmer and most monster sex seems to also have beasts, and I'm too new to modding / don't know WTF I'm doing to work out how to get the humanoids and not the beasts. So, are there mods that just provide the humanoid sex (falmer and whatnot), without any of the outright bestiality stuff? Or can I edit them myself to get rid of the bits I don't want?

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Im not 100% sure on what you're asking.


If you asking if its possible to exclude beast sex but keep falmer sex?


-In Sexlab Anims settings - deselect the ones you dont want.

-Also check the sexytime mod you have isntalled, they sometimes have options to disable beast (might disable all nonhuman)


If you're asking is there a way to have beast on beast sex.

=Dont think there is one.

-This will require scripting and anims to go with each other

-This will be tricky and laborious,.. I doubt anyone will spend that much time creating that many anims variables.




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i think what he wants is the animations for Falmer and Humanoids.. But not the animations for beasts...


Like above said, just install them all and turn off the animations you dont want in the MCM in game.

if you want to not even have the beast animations installed, then i dont know how to hell there, i dont know enough about the different packs yet for skyrim. just enough to get mine working

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