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Crash on Open Inventory after Load a Save


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The way it worked was that I could load up the game just fine and play for hours, but as soon as I decided to load a save at any point during play, well almost everything would appear fine until I opened inventory. Then it would crash to desktop immediately. That effect was recreatable with 100% chance of success. It worked even with the start of a new character with no activated mods.


Also, after loading a save (again, specifically from play) I noticed that Estrus spells would work, but wouldn't animate my character.


In the end I decided to swap out the broken mess that was my Data folder for an old backup, and now I'm picking at the carcass for tasty morsels.


I really just didn't want to take any more time to try to sort that one out. It's like trying to find a needle in 20 gigs of haystack. Besides, I'm more interested in modding now than playing a character. So I guess it was more important to me to be up and running again ASAP.

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Loading a save after playing a bit is problematic at best with Oblivion. I think it is part of its memory heap management and purging process - OSR and Streamline help greatly with this.


Yea, frequent backups are really the only way to fly unless you want to spend a month digging through gigs worth of files to find what often appears to be an innocuous item is bringing down the whole house of cards!


Well hopefully it was just a flaw of that install and the backup will work for you! :)

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I was running just the regular DarNified UI, but no Tamago Club. In the end I wasn't running anything but vanilla(ish) Oblivion and it was still crashing. It's a behavior I haven't encounterd before, usually I can deactivate mods and find out who's at fault by activating one mod at a time but, again, this persisted through the deactivation of ALL mods (other than official DLCs and the unnofficial patches).

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