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Child Dialogue problems (DB)


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So I had a child with Tomago, and the dialogue when I interact with the child is always "You've broken a tenant of the Dark Brotherhood...Kill the wraith blah blah blah". I was expelled from the DB, and I didn't want to be reinstated, so to get rid of the annoying wraith, I disabled it. No more problems...


I was in the DB but before I took a contract, the orc in the hallway (cheydinhal) always attacked me (and everyone in the hideout became hostile...don't know what's up with that). The contract guy is at the very bottom, so I couldn't get to him without enraging everyone...By the time this happened I decided to steer my character in another direction, so I accepted being ousted and went on my merry way.


And then my child only spouts crap about killing the wraith to get back in. Anyway to resolve this? I've long ago disabled the wraith, sometimes the game glitches and I can see floating doors and the wraith in the same spot.


I can't interact with the child (MCS only) as it zooms in, wraith blah blah blah, zooms out. As the DB I have is just the vanilla guild that's part of the core game, I can't disable it like other bug inducing mods, so I'm unsure how to fix. (Not really keen to load up from the save before I was expelled, it was a very long game time ago (10hr+ real time).





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Still have a child that only talks about the DB! I exiled myself, then the child was born...talking about the DB. The child then cast invisibility and attacked the closest person before being 1 hit killed...wth?


Reloaded, did all the stages of the DB exile quests via console, child was born (different child, there are two non-twins, the first I guess would be surrogate?)

and only speaks of the DB as well, although no suicidal behavior was displayed.


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