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Chanpon Facial Resolution


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Lately I've been having an issue matching up my characters head and body in terms of skins. After fiddling with the gloss for over an hour, I suddenly realized I was barking up the wrong tree. I have a high res (2048x2048) skin pack for both body and face. But the race I'm using, Chanpon, isn't on the list that got the facial update. So the problem is I have a high res texture on the body, low one on the head, as shown here






So I was wondering if there was an equally high resolution texture pack for the Chanpon race floating around somewhere, which would likely be the easiest solution! Or if there's someway to adapt one of the high res face textures I -do- have for the Chanpon race in Photoshop.

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Hm, I've tried using GlossMax, but it seems to skip every file I try to feed it, never fails, just skips :-/.


I've manually upped the gloss using NifSkope on the body, under what I assume is the right tab (NiMaterialProptery). I'm still fairly certain it's a texture issue as when I remove the high resolution body texture, it matches up much more closely. But, maybe I should be lowering, rather then raising my expectations and looking for a lower resolution body texture as opposed to a higher resolution face texture :P


EDIT: Now confused, I managed to colourize the IceElf high resolution face texture and add it in, though it didn't seem to help, back to scratching my head in confusion I suppose.


EDIT, Pt 2: Alright, sorta figured it out, turned down the alpha channel (gloss) on the body texture and now it matches much more closely, can't seem to get the face gloss to match the body gloss at higher amounts it seems.

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When using GlossyMax, I believe the Material property should be labeled as "skin" or "skins" if you were to investigate it with Nifskope. Also, it should go without saying, but GlossyMax can only modify .nif files.


You got the head right but it's the body that you want to modify using GlossyMax. Not really sure what you're using if it's vanilla or HGEC or some entirely different body, but you could run the following files with GlossyMax:







Worse case scenario, you could go through each .nif file with NifSkope, find the "skin" material property, right-click, select Material, then set Diffuse and Specular to white and change Glossiness to 100.


NOTE: Even if you modify the glossiness of the body, if your character's outfit is not "glossy" then the effect won't show. This ultimately means that you should run GlossyMax on the particular outfit mod's .nif files as well.

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That would be it! First was messing with the textures, then then face, and it was the body the entire time :P Thanks for the solution, should've realized it from the start! That particular outfit is actually part of the issue, has some sort of extreme shine, but can figure that out in time.

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