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Arc. invalidation


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Got a question does FOMM use the most update form of invalidation. i have a fairly beefy system and it should be able to handle mods like a world of pain or warzone misanthropy however even with both disabled im getting random pink textures. completely could be a ghouls head one time or a pink female body ( the hot pink kind) or with the mods installed i fall right through my luxury gomorahh penthouse. or i see a million red ! as if arc. invalidation was not on but it is?


and damn this game mods much harder then oblivion !



Heres my loadout any suggestions? FOMM ver 0.13.21


Thanks in Advance X

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Well, carefully check that you have all the required textures installed in the proper places for all mods and also check that your graphics drivers are up to date. Lastly check your temps on your GPU as you may getting too hot.


Also you may check your readme's as some mods have similar names and may be designed as replacements.


[X] PimpMyScarf.esp

[X] PimpMyScarf_v2.esp

Don't know if your supposed to be running both versions?



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got liquid cooling not overclocked nividia geforce gtx 295, older but very good card. i hope its not coolin! occasionally i get pink graphics in skyrim but thats a known bug in the theives guild but yeah run ultra on skyrim cant see vegas hurting it.


belive the scarfs= ones the original mod the other is the camo addon he did later.



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Xzios, I too had a 295 and damn that thing ran hotter than hell so I would definitely check out your manufacturers page to get a gpu monitoring program.


Although since you have liquid cooling it really shouldn't be as bad a problem - I would check anyway just in case :)


There actually is a third one that I didn't list that is the scarf camo texture.


Most of the time pink textures are due simply to the textures missing or in the wrong places so just keep track of who or what has the missing texture. Hit the console when you see one and get their id and name (if npc) and try to track down what mod they come from so you can reinstall the textures for it. Also you can try to track them down in FNVedit http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703

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scarf 1 scarf v2 and camo scarf are all diff content different scarfs.


got a mod to removal the trash and dust and seeing a difference in performance atm my games stable. so will see still get random pinkies blackies but not so much !


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I don't know about missing textures. Say I see a pink ghoul face (looks better but not intended) I save then Reload and then the texture is there. just like my dimonized bodys that occasionally go hot pink. I know there there. its like arc. invalidation is breaking. or only partially working. Might be mod related when I have more time ill slowly activate them one by one.



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Also you might check but last I hear lings and mikoto aren't compatible, and neither is sexout (and its plugins) with wsex (and its plugins). The sex mods are known to conflict although the level of conflict will vary from nothing to crashes depending on load order and other variables.


Others I would question are CompanionInfAmmoOptional.esp and CompanionInfAmmoCheat.esp - are you supposed to choose one or the other? No need to respond here as I am just citing another example of possible culprits.


Basically just take a look at each mod you have and its readme (if there isn't one go back to the site you got it from and see if they have any info) to determine if you should be choosing one or the other and if there are any known incompatibilities.


I know it is quite a pain as your load order grows to do this but it really will pay dividends when it comes to trying to track down problems later :)


The joys of modding :)

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yeap lings is bad got rid of it and regained alot of stability in the game ditched the ammo mod too

if the 2 sex mods arnt compatible thats too bad there both staying they both work too :P



thanks alot warzones works properly now.


Thanks X


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