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Need other players experience on the game.


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Ive been playing for a couple of hours now, been going around killing quite a few creatures/bandits.


One thing i noticed was that none of those i killed were dismembered. No heads, arms or legs taken clean off. There wasnt even a blood splatter on the ground or wall near the place where they died.


Im not sure if this is part of the game or whether it is my countrys stupid rule on "game violence". In australia, most games that are downloaded or bought are "special" versions specifically edited to be PG rated at most.


Ive heard of a perk that allows for finishing decaps but can a regular kill still decap an npc? I mean..i hacked an axe vertically onto some dudes shoulder/arm...thats gotta take something off at least..


Can anyone please verify whether the game itself actually includes dismemberment and blood gore originally?



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Yup, as far as I know, only heads can be cut off via the perk, but you should still have blood spatter.

Although, I have heard that, for whatever reason, blood doesn't spatter on the floor, just walls.

I'm not sure about other countries stance on violence in games, but maybe it's just a problem with blood textures.


Try this:

Open Steam > Right click Skyrim > Hit properties > Go to Local Files tab > and Verify Integrity of Game Cache


Good luck! :D

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Only heads come off from the perk, and they don't start popping off til you get it.


Gotta say, it's awesome when you cross your daggers like scissors and decapitate someone, though.


There is a somewhat creepy bug, though, when you decapitate people. Sometimes some of their hair and their had stay in place, but their head rolls away. :(

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