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Oblivion launches once and then never again

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So after days of troubleshooting, reinstalling, moving the location between installs, etc. I've found that Oblivion will not launch unless I delete the entire Oblivion folder from My Games each time before startup. Anyone seen this? Not really sure what is causing it to behave this way. If I delete the entire folder and launch the game it lets me play fine after the initial graphics detection. Lets me start a game, load, etc. but if I close the game and try to reopen it I am stuck in a loop of silent crashes until I delete the whole folder.

Ideas? I'm on Windows 11 if that helps https://19216811.cam/.

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Don't know.

Did you clean your computer after uninstalling the game? So that all leftovers are deleted. Cleaning tools like C Cleaner

Have you delete the saves folder ?  And the Oblivion ini In the folder where the save folder is ?

Game installed NOT in C : program files  !!!!


Maybe also a problem, your antivirus program. Set the whole Oblivion folder in the ignore list of your antivirus program.


More about game installation read my yellow Link below.

And also read https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion_Mod:Uninstalling,_Moving_and_Installing_Oblivion


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