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Recreate Kotor Heads As CharGenMenu Presets

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Like The Title Suggests Any Chance Someone Would Take A Go At Recreating The Kotor PC Heads In Starfield? Ever Since The Kotor Remake I'd Been Wondering What The Old PC Heads Would Look Like In A Modern Game But I Don't Have The Artistic Skill Or Rentention To Keep What I See In Kotor In My Head Long Enough To Attempt To Recreate It In Starfield But I Thought Others Here Might Find It A Cool Idea So I Thought I'd Ask If Anyone Wanted To Give It A Shot.


Also If Anyone From Here Just Happens To Also Mod Kotor Over At Deadlystream & Happens To See This Then That's Awesome.

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On 3/13/2024 at 2:34 AM, RavinBeast said:

Like The Title Suggests

Far as I know, you can't sculpt the head (mesh) in Starfield like you can in Skyrim. Right now you can only use sliders mod which use the basic head as template - if you haven't noticed, all face mods look like Sara (which is the base template) and that's it. All serious mod authors are waiting for the CK for a reason, right... and looking how the game is built I have doubts that the CK will be useful for modding meshes like in previous BS games.

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