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HGEC Infinite Boobs Problem

Guest realhornydude

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Guest realhornydude

Hey guys, Thankfully my install is completely fine with many stability mods installed except that any female models that are nude (Such as Claudia in the beginning calibration thingie) they have boobs that stretch out to infinity, Is this some sort of skeleton problem? What am I supposed to do? I have tried Archive invalidation but can't do it to meshes because that makes the game crash, If only gregahit the wise is here to help me with my issue ;P

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Coronerras is a good skelly and if it fixes you up then stick with it.


If however you ever run into problems in the future with other mods then upgrade to growlf's "universal skeleton" (that is the name you can find it under on the nexus) as it is Coronerras skelly updated to all the new bones that folks have added.


Please don't feel the need to grab it now if Coronerras is working for you, just keep it in mind if you have problems in the future.


And thanks for the compliment :)



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