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After a short period of combat, my game freezes, you can hear the BGM but everything else is not responding and I need to use task manager to kill the game.
Enemy type doesn't matter, can be a wolf, can be a bandit, but I noticed it can take more time to freeze to occur if I keep my distance from the enemy. Same happens on fresh character.
I have all necessary fixes installed, LOOT is clear. This is my 4th attempt at heavy modded Skyrim, and I see something like this for the first time.
I tested both Defeat mods (Baka and Battle Fuck) by assaulting NPSs in tavern and no crashes.

Load order (Naked defeat is disabled in MCM)

No crash report, it doesn't generate if the game freezes and has to be closed in task manager

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Maybe you already read some of my previous comments in freeze-related threads, but in case you didn't: A debugger is the only way you're going to get any information out of a freeze. Considering how difficult it already is to get a debugger into a live (and alive) game, working around these issues while also debugging a freeze is not going to be easy. In fact that's about the most difficult thing I've done with a debugger, and something I'd never look forward to.


A more practical approach would be trial-n-error. Remove mods until the problem goes away. We also have people here that are quite knowledgeable in spotting issues with load order lists, but that's not me.


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Say, didn't the mods "Frostfall", "Wet & Cold" & "Campfire" become obsolete with the survival DLC? They didn't receive updates in years - so maybe there is a conflict per se with the official DLC, because they share the same resources?


Just assuming here. It just seems redundant. Like the system is overburdened, or the mods + DLC are using the same ressource, so no wonder it chokes.

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