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[mod] Cum As Fuel!!!

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Cum As Fuel!!!

Cum As Fuel!!!


- No strings attached!

- Jack off!

- Collect!!!

- ???

- Then fly off to the stars fuel only by your own or others cum!!


Cum your way to new worlds!


Cum for fuel will make the ejaculate and sperm from the SBR be valid as fuel for your ship and if you have the mod for Mechs to add Mech fuel, It will also work as fuel for them too.




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Yes it does, the cumming action (when you hit the white bar when its full) your character will cum little drips. A very small amount, you will need to set up a spot to harvest it.


The quickest way I found is the set up you see in the mods default picture.


Just a small reminder this mod does not effect how one makes or gets ejaculate or sperm .. all it merely dose is make it function as fuel.


Collection and production of said "fuel" is up to the machinations of SBR and its ilk.

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