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  1. Wondered if you would include the Armor Adapt mod that @Zancunomade so that those with the futa status would have the futa sprites. It would not be a hard requirement as according to that mod's page you could add it and those not using Armor Adapt would still be able to play the game.
  2. found a bug, as of egg factory version 3.6 (which is the version i also installed this mod), since it had added multiple slots for multiple people to be impregnated, you can end up impregnating yourself more than once, too many and the game will just seemingly never stop with the "you have to push" notification, with nothing coming out, as it doesnt check if you are already pregnant (perhaps use the same method as the "midwife's Intuition" spell to check if the player is already pregnant? if so, don't impregnate again when sex ends) EDIT: After further testing, it's likely a result of script lag, due to that version of egg factory allowing any single actor (including the player) the ability to be impregnated with more than 1 egg at a time.
  3. This mod (armor adapt) might work, if multiple body types meant for sex was implemented, but again, as Rena has stated, there's the sheer amount of modded armor/clothing that would have to be individually customized for such a thing. on something unrelated, I made a patch to make every pregnancy result end up as either male or only female (note: only affects newly spawned npcs, already existing ones will stay the same). While both use only a json patch file each, they both change the same path on the same file (you can unpack them if you wanna see what it does) so I highly suggest using only one at a time, as they would overwrite each other if used at the same time.. only female SxB crew.pak only male SxB crew.pak
  4. as far as I know, that is the latest version, which contains floran and human. the following contains the rest of the vanilla playable races (except hylotl).
  5. If you are using Windows, the extensions are hidden by default, if you are in Windows 10, you can make visible by clicking view, then checking the option called "Show File Extensions" which has a tooltip below it in the following screenshot in the spoiler If you are in windows 7, you will need to do the following steps (no screenshots, sorry): 1. Right-Click the Start Orb, and then Click Open Windows Explorer. 2. In Explorer, Click Organize. Then Click Folder and search options. 3. In the Folder Options window, Click the View tab. Next Click and Uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types check box. Click OK to finish.
  6. Possible idea for fertile whip (or another whip entirely), instead of making the npc pregnant, maybe make it check the pregnancy status like the pregnancy test (which has been absorbed into sexbound, and only checks player's pregnancy status) since as far as I know, there is no way to check the pregnancy status of npcs except the "pregnancy" status of crewmates and the belly visible during sex if the "enablePregnancyFetish" is set to true in the sxb_plugin.pregnant.config file. Should show up somewhere below the [SxB] stuff
  7. Question, is there a reason it disables pregnancy? Just curious, if they are meant to be sterile, I'm sure there's a way to prevent pregnancy when a Neki is participating in sex, but allow any other species that doesn't have a Neki participating to produce one. I'm not sure exactly how to patch the neki.species file to make em seem sterile.
  8. It's not, sexbound doesnt have lustia for example, just any edits lustbound made to core scripts was integrated with sexbound
  9. 2nd user is correct for the "GetForm" script function from any mod file, don't ever use it, better option is to use https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=GetFormFromFile_-_Game (with optional usage of https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=GetModByName_-_Game (requires SKSE) to check if the mod is actually in the load order) as it retrieves the correct form regardless of actual load order position, when using another mod as a soft dependency. Gave links to the creation kit wiki (skyrim side) as examples are provided and the functions are described in more detail.
  10. Sorry if I'm a bit blunt, I'm just trying to help. did you dump the whole zip into the mod folder, so the _metadata file is in the mod folder? starbound relies on unpacked mods to be either in a .pak file in the mods folder, or in their own folder inside the mods folder. Also, it would help to provide the starbound.log file in storage (shows up as type text document if you don't have file name extensions visible), which is far more useful than skyrim, as it logs the entire load order, and every error it encounters, including ones that cause CTD. Fun Fact: starbound relies on a "no error" environment to work, if something errors during loading it either doesn't exist in the game or cause CTD, and if it errors during gameplay, you either teleport back to your ship (generally safest place to teleport), whatever you are doing stops working, or causes a CTD.
  11. [22:14:59.111] [Error] [string "/scripts/sexbound/override/common/pregnant.lu..."]:100: bad argument #2 to 'insert' (position out of bounds) yeah, im guessing it's the same error that red3ded had noticed and fixed where the pregnant.lua file stops learning to count, not kidding. fortunately, @red3dred already made a version that fixes that issue
  12. Like RenaTheAvali and red3dred said, the starbound log would be more helpful, also, the log also has the list of mods as well. Unlike games like skyrim, the log is extremely useful, as starbound logs every error, and relies on a "no error" environment, so if something were to error during game loading in (before the main menu), it won't exist in the game, and if it errors during gameplay, it stops working, at worst crashes the game, or like in your error, it teleports you back to the ship (which is generally the safest place to teleport). Sorry if im blunt.
  13. Does that mean we don't need the lustbound base anymore? EDIT: just checked, it's still needed, if you use lustbound.
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