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Maramal's preaching in bee and barb


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What triggers this script? In my recent playthroughs i could not marry due to his preaching script not starting when i enter the bee and barb. As a result after buying the amulet of mara and requesting a ceremony, he does not move into the temple at all!


Come to think of it, even in Vanilla skyrim in 2011, i dont recall him preaching. I only heard him preaching maybe once, and all my other playthroughs he just stands there in the inn doing nothing(unmodded game too).


What the heck is going on?


I tried many times on new games and entering the bee and barb, no preaching scene. Doubt its my mods since even in vanilla i had this problem.

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Because he mentions "the return of the dragons" in his diatribe, I believe that you must fight the first required dragon (no dragons, no speech).  I've noticed that if I use alternate start mod and either start in Riften or go there before fighting the first dragon, he just stands around with his thumb up his butt.

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^ what DFSL said. I recently had an issue with the Mages Guild Questline that after completing "Under Saarthal" the quest " Hitting the Books " would not trigger. 


Turns out it was the custom house mod I had, " Sjel Blad Castle " that was the culprit. Follow my advice in 




and you will most LIKELY find the problem.


Good luck.


P.S : I couldn't get the " Stones of Barnziah " quest to start in the thieves guild either. The culprit? VendorsHaveMoreMoney mod. 


You never know what the problem might turn out to be.

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I believe the key to the script is Alduin's very first fly over at Helgen. That scene is a key one to many quests and scripts that can easily be screwed up by Alternate Start - Live another life .. if you don't get through the Helgen part of its initial quest.

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