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Please help. human monsters are not attacking me.


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Suddenly, Human type monsters (magician, vamp, necromancer and etc) are not attacking me before I hit them. They are just roam dungeon and I can communicate with 'E' key. tcai is not working to solve this problem. What can I do??

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First of all, posting a load order may help someone help you.  Are you playing as a werewolf?  Using Werewolf Mastery?  There is an option to make normal wolves friendly to the werewolf PC, but it would also make vampires friendly (never saw mages/necros do that, but it could be related).  However it could be some other mod-related issue.  Post your load order (wrye bash and NMM can both export the load order fairly easily) and someone might see another conflict.

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Thank you. May be I need to reinstall all mods. I didnt use werewolf and vampire mod. Following is my mods.


Quality worldmap

Better horse



Better Males




Stone of Barenziah Quest Marker

Girls of skyrim

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