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Dreaming of my prison ship

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I got jumped by some bounty hunters in a big, Class C ship, a Claymore. Turns out they have two brig cells inside, which look fine, but once you open the cell door, you can’t close it again. I got Sarah inside with console commands. (I also can’t get Vortex to load my mods even with the required extension and addition to the .ini file, but that is a separate problem.)


Sarah Imprisoned.jpg

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I also tried stripping one of the Ecliptic crew, putting her in a cell and then resurrecting her.  She was not too pleased and remained in combat mode. My follower would probably have tried to kill her, so this doesn't look like a practical procedure. The brig cells, so far as I can tell, are useless unless you want to kidnap civilians and put them in there.



Ecliptic Prisoner.jpg

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Heh, I'd give her a better swimsuit, but for the life of me, I can't figure Vortex out. So many changes. Nothing loads. I deleted the superfluous data file in My Games, as per instructions, but it didn't help There is nothing in Vortex Mods or in the Starfield data file, so I just don't know what's up. Vortex is installing my mods somewhere I can't find them, and the game can't either. Maybe it's because I have everything on the D drive? No way to check. I guess I should just forget about Vortex and do a manual install.


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Bugger, my mods are in:




The game is on D  and obviously can't find them there. Vortex is just talking to itself. Maybe I'll copy them all to the Starfield data folder and see what happens.


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I still haven't found a brig layout I like. I got close once with a big flat design with two 3x3s on the same level, but I ran out of money for that one and never got back it.


I shall have to give it another go. So much I want to do at the moment.

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How do I buy a brig? I'm level 47 and have 4 levels of Starship Design, and no one will sell me a brig. (I have a couple on a Claymore I captured, but it's slow and clunky, and I don't use it much.) Maybe I messed up the installation somehow.  Here is my plugin file.  Let me know if you see and problems, please.



#reference plugins here
*Melfi Outfit.esm
*ZY3 Tank Tops and Denims.esm
*ZY5 Tank Top and Skirt.esm
*Dress No Leggings.esm
*Becca Outfit.esm
*Better Crowd Citizens.esm
*Armor and Clothing for Kids.esm
*Useful Brigs.esm
*Useful Brigs - Habz Patch.esm
*Mortal Killable Children.esm
*Non-Lethal Framework.esm
*NLF - Useful Brigs Patch.esm



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Try Stroud-Eklund on Neon. It's a 2x2 hab. I think it's vanilla, so there shouldn't be a problem.


I thought I could get them from HopeTech as well, but when I landed there everyone started shooting at me. You blow up one lousy patrol vessel and you never hear the end of it...





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Well, that could have gone better. I found an Ecliptic base, stunned half a dozen clippies, and then got told my newly-installed, never-before-used brig was full.


That was "Functional Brigs". I wonder if the other Brig mod works any better.

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My mistake: I didn't notice that the brigs were "Armory/Brigs"; I only read the first word. At level 47, I am apparently only allowed 1x1 brigs, so I got two of them and lured a crewman into one for practice. It seemed to work well enough.  This is "Useful Brigs"; no problems to report so far.


Now we need some mods for outposts. The number of prisoners you can have on one ship is kind of limited.




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I nabbed a couple Ecliptic cuties and locked them up. Imagine my surprise when I found I had two males in the brig. Oops! I could use sexchange to change them back, but then they still have male voices.  I decided to sell them instead and got a whopping 3,200 credits from the first security guard I ran into.  Slavery just doesn't pay yet.


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Yeah, it's a problem with slavery mods in general. You're capturing generic NPCs so it you leave them unattended too long, the game regenerates them from the same leveled list.


There needs to  be some sort of cloning mechanism.

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