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Gamebreaking bug in my .esp


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Hi everybody,


I've searched the internet far and wide and I'm at my wit's end. Maybe one of you has an idea of how I can rescue my mod.


I've created a total conversion mod consisting of the (landscape).esm and an .esp file in which I placed all the objects, altered the terrain and added textures. I don't have any quests, scripts, or NPCs in my mod. For a while, everything went smoothly, and I tested the mod by riding around on my horse.


Then I dismounted, went for a swim, and when I wanted to get on horseback again, nothing happened. The animation was broken. And after that, not a single object in that esp file responded to E anymore. No crafting, no tanning, no smithing, no nothing. The character just stands there for five seconds before being able to move again. She doesn't freeze, she just stands there using the default idle. So E doesn't trigger anything but its menu sound anymore. I can still run around but everything else is broken.


It's not in the savegame cause I exited without saving. It's in this .esp cause the bug transfers to Skyrim when I have the esp activated, and when I deactivate it, everything's fine. It's not the keybind cause when I exchange E for U, nothing happens either.


I checked the Creation Kit for missing animations but they're all there (but i don't know if it's normal that no animation folder is shown and all the animations can only be seen in the actor preview?).


I can't start from scratch cause I've already put quite an amount of work into that esp and don't want to lose it.


I don't know whether it's a broken script or animation trigger or whatever. Whenever I had this bug in the game, running FNIS repaired it but with this esp, it doesn't. :(


Help please. :(

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Not the game. It's a bug in the esp file, not in a save. I tested the mod for a while, everything was fine, and then from one moment to the next, I had the bug. I quit without saving but ever since that moment, activating the plugin breaks the animation for the entire game no matter which savegame I open or which world.esm I use. When I deactivate the esp file, everything's okay again.


I ran FNIS a million times but it didn't help.

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