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[Outdated] ZMCPlayer Slave Master... ALPHA TEST

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Alright here is the House I setup for ZMCPlayerSlave... THIS IS NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Also I don't have permissions to use some of the items for the NPCs... and with that Req. are Appachii Goddess Store, Sex Shop, Lovers Bitch, Mixed Maid, and MBP++.


This is just for someone to look at to see what I created, for the use in a more in depth Player Slave. None of the NPCs have complete AIs, or Scripts. Hopefully someone will like what I've made and create some scripts for it.


The house is just North of Chorrol if you miss it... you weren't looking. Shal Nara (Futanari Master) is standing on the porch, also there is a box with a set of keys on the opposite side of her. The house is incomplete right now (needs more clutter) so this is just for people to look around.


Has 3 Floors and a Punishment dungeon for 3 slaves and one cell that is meant for the player (a nod to Lovers Bitch)... however again none of the NPCs do what I'd like them to... in other words the slaves aren't getting raped/fucked/punished by the dogs in the cells (was trying to use Tina's Canine Slut Race for them but never works).


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"Shal(shall -l) Nar-a" an Elven name I thought up one day. Just in case anyone was wondering.


While I'm thinking of it... Known glitches, Visual glitches in the dungeon where dogs are standing has to do with the scale I made the floor so there wasn't any grey showing and the pillars (if you look close enough you'll see stand alone pillars and the ones from the walls, couldn't find a 4 way walk area with the rest of the pillars so quick fix was the stand alone).


Maids walking into walls on their way up to their beds... didn't take time to setup "patrol" yet. Still learning that one.


Slaves being able to talk... yeah not sure how to make it so they can't. Like when you get gagged by the slaver you can't do anything. The script for it only effects the player not NPCs, though anyone messing with it with TES will notice the scripts aren't even there. Had I thought about it I would have used the Ballgag from ZMCPlayerSlave on the slaves instead of the one from Sex Shop which you wouldn't need if I had done that.

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I get caught and then get stuck in a loop, where the NPCs cannot understand me for some reason and I can't escape from the bindings - is there a work around this or because this was only in alpha/beta, it would no longer be updated to be fixed?


Use this instead: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15074-player-slave-encounters-v068-updated-31-may-13/


Pretty sure that ZMCPlayer Slave is no longer supported. 

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