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It is in my data folder' date=' but when you open the launcher, select "Datafiles", it is not there. However it is select-able under NMM.


My question is, should I activate this esm?

[/quote']If it is anything like past Beth games, which I'm sure it is, any ESM in the data folder will load even when not activated. Try disabling one of the DLC .esm's in FO3 or FNV. If you are using Wyre don't let it ghost. The game will still load it up and play fine.


Try it and see if anything goes bonkers. It is likely to early to tell what if anything file may contain.


Mine hasn't updated from the 11-10-11 preload so I doubt it is much more than a place holder for future updates.

That update.esm has been in the data folder since the pre-load. :P


Mine pre-loaded on the 9th. :P

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