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Project Parallax conflicting with Dragon Cliff Manor for Thalos Statue


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As titel above, I am running RealVisionENB (FixParallaxBugs=true) + Project Parallax Remastered (Skyrim 2k HD version) + Dragon Cliff Manor located here:  http://skyrim.nexusm...om/mods/39018/?


There is just one minor issue (it's pretty disturbing though, because it kills the whole immersion of the manor mod's outdoor area). 


In the outdoor area (yard) of the manor is a Thalos Statue located. Without Project Parallax Remastered installed everything is ok, but with PPR installed the Statue turns black. As far as I know statues have black vertex lighting, making them turn black when you try to apply parallax mapping. The author of PPR knows that, so PPR does NOT apply any parallax effect to statues. Every other statue in Skyrim looks actually absolutely ok, only the Thalos Statue added by Dragon Cliff Manor turns black.


PPR comes with loose textures (.nifs and normal maps) and an .esp (depending on Skyrim.esm which effects only roads, I already sorted the DCM .esp above and below this .esp, no effect, the statue stays pitch black if PPR is installed in either way). Dragon Cliff Manor comes only with an .bsa and .esp file, depending on Skyrim.esm and Update.esm and a .bsl and .ckm file (I have no idea what the .bsl and .ckm file actually do) . When I load up Dragon Cliff Manor .esp in the CK and actually preview the Thalos Statue (the no snow version under clutter) in the render window, it looks totally normal, no blackness at all.


Sadly I am no professional concerning CK, I just created and edited a few actor IDs so far for my personal use, but never touched cells, landscape, objects, navmeshes etc.


Any idea how this is happenning and how I can get rid of it, while still using both mods?

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The problem is, there is no Thalos statue file (be it mesh or texture) as loose file in my Data folder, only a namirastatue.nif. It seems as if the house mod should draw vanilla textures from the dependant Skyrim.esm, which shouldn't cause a prob (but somehow attaches parallax to them...).

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