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[Skyrim AE GOG] Devious Devices - Disappearing body textures when putting on devices

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My OS - Windows 7. 

Skyrim AE GOG, v. 1.6.659.0.8

Mods Manager: Vortex

My mods: FNIS Behaviour, FNIS Creature, SKSE 2.2.3 for GOG, SkyUI 5.2 SE, CBBE 1.7.1, BodySlide and Outfit Studio 5.6.0, XP32 Maximum Skeleton SE, RaceMenu, CBPC 1.5.6, FSMPV 1.3, Deviously Pink, Devious Devices [SE] [AE] [VR] 5.2.7, Devious Lore SE, Touched by Dibella, Address Library for SKSE, SexLabFramework GOG 1.6.5, SexLab Aroused SSE Loose, ZAZ 7.0.

My problem: When putting devices on a character, the device and the character become invisible. I've seen messages about BodySlide, but I really don't understand how to use it. All the guides on the internet just say: choose, set up and enjoy. I don't understand what to choose and how to configure. Or maybe I'm missing something? Need another mods?









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