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Need help merging 2 plugins


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I've got 2 plugins I want to merge, for animations using the Specialanims folder.

First is (Womans Move - 3 animations) http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/38375//?  (this is just one of the 3)


It is the "all in esp" download, which enables all 3 of the animations to use the Specialanims folder.

I got a "specialanims.esp" from DMC Stylish http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16459//? , not using any of the animations just the esp to set PC only to Specialanims folder. 


So they both do the same thing pretty much, the 2nd one just includes more anmations. I've tried modifying one by dragging the other animations in TES4edit, saved, and the changes don't stick. I also tried manually adding the values in TES4edit, same result. I tried using TES4Gecko to merge the plugins, same thing.


One overwrites the other if they are loaded together, and I cannot see why it's impossible to add the changes into one plugin. Maybe there is a limit or ???? 

Thanks for any help.

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Sounds like you need a "Fluffer" program, Whacked. The "male" mod (DMC Stylish) is just not into the "female" mod (Womans Move). You are going to have to find a hot little hottie to make DMC Stylish not even care about who - or what - he merges with...


If you have the patience, I am working on a new utility that will do exactly that - because merging mods using any method beyond manual labour is a fool's folly.


So, without much enthusiasm and a humble heart, I proudly announce the ( so far from being Alpha I will call it Zeta ) not so immenent release of:



Merging mods is a haphazard exercise and frought with peril. There is little chance of success. If any of your mods includes even the simplest of scripts, you might as well drop 'em and bend over right now because SOMEONE is going to get f*cked. And when SOMEONE = YOU, it does not bode well for happy times ahead.


But, alas, you can never know which mod will be the "giver", and which mod will be the "receiver"...


With TES4Fluffer that all changes! A shiny little saucy bitch of an OBSE plugin that will stroke your manly mod until he is ready to merge with ANYTHING!


Designate one mod to be the "MAN", and another mod to be the "WOMAN". With TES4Fluffer your "Male" mod will confidently walk in and totally dominate your "Female" mod. Unfortunately - 98% of the time - "she" will reject "his" advances, physically beat him down, or even call the cops. But when it works! OMG it is bliss!




(or maybe not...)

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I didn't see any path information in TES4edit, it just adds animations to the original player record in oblivion.esm. I'm sure you are right, but from the information I can see, it makes no sense that adding another record doesn't work.

So not possible with TES4edit then? I've used the construction set in Fallout and Skyrim, and found it horribly horrible, and prefer not to use it.


I think TES4Gecko beat you to it Garcemac, but I like the male female designations, rather than the priority numbers.  :cool:

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Nah. TES4Gecko will still mess up mods that have scripts in them, whereas my (imaginary) utility will just walk in make everything right. Scripts always call specific references that will not exist in the mods you are trying to combine. My utlity will not care those discrepancies simply by not giving a sh*t.


Ok, ok, ok.... I am going to far with my silliness....


P.S. I wrote that idiot post in direct response to TES4Gecko's inherent ability to get everything WRONG. Scripts often call references that will not exist in the combined mod. Better to do it by hand unless you are just trying to pare down 100 clothing mods into one chest. Palonirya approves this message!


Edit: Fixed typo....

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I've only used TES4Gecko to merge clothing mods and even then it can be a little prickly, I prefer to do the work manually, and I pass on things beyond my scope of knowledge usually. TES5edit, and FNVedit never gave me problems like I'm seeing with these 2 animation esps, but maybe I never tried doing animations in those games, can't remember.


I also recently noticed that adding ddog.nif to my bashed patch for LoversBitch dog models that don't get included in the bashed patch don't work either in TES4edit. Might have to download the Construction Kit, but meh. Maybe I live without the extra combat animations for just my female pc, in favor of a less ape like walk.

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Merging two different animation mod with merging tool is never advised unless you know what you're doing.


Player can't play two different 'specialanim without registering them manually on CS or renaming two same file names.


Like [w-idle.kf] woman move and [dmc-idle.kf] from dmc. Then activate both idle on player actor property [animation list] the animation with highest priotity will be performed the most.


BUT player can perform Multiple animation if they are registered on game animation tree where actor will perform during special condition and special condition.


Or you can follow fejeena's advice on personality mod as basic template.



Just to avoid merging and the risk of breaking oblivion game animations. :)

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Thanks Emily, I'll look over that thread to see if I can learn anything.

The animations are all completely different, and named differently. Woman's Move is walk/run, the others are combat animations from "combat stance reanimation". The combat animations were just an option I thought I'd take advantage of, but it's not really that important.



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