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So when I started modding Skyrim, it seems like everything was working. I see the mod options in the menu thing. The player model mods work fine.  Yet, when i pick up body armor or attempt to exit the Helgen cave in the beginning of the game,  I CTD. This was a retry after I had more mods installed but had the same problem, but that attempt would CTD whenever I tried an animation.


The load order is:





Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm



Schlongs of Skyrim.esp

SOS - vectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp





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As soon as animation starts, both actors strip then CTD.


There is conflict between sexlab framework 1.15 and SOS.  It is known issue to sexlab senior members and has been discussed but there is no definate solution so far.


Some people patched SOS with XPMSplus, and others just edited out the conflicted parts.  I did patched it and still had CTD.  I did not dare to do the editing though.


Sexlab introduced new sexlab framework alpha and it is being tested by lots of kind people.  Let me remind you.  It is not fault of sexlab but it was lack of update from SOS. 


My solution is give up SOS and get male nake skin.  I rather see dead man with fully erected cock than my head banging on screen for days.



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CTD after helgen doesn't mean that Sexlab or SOS is at fault, it happens mostly from mods editing Hadvar or Ralof so much that their scripts throw up errors which will kill your papyrus engine over and over when loading the worldspace, some default worldspace scripts are bugged (some beth scripts are buggy by design), 3.1GB Ram problem when loading, faulty meshes, etc.


If you have CTDs when your character or NPC strips you have an insufficient skeleton or a faulty mesh, in most cases with SOS it's the skeleton. XPMSplusSOS is not a patching up it's how SOS works with the maximum compability to other mods that XPMS provides, you could also use the normal SOS skeleton if you don't need the the maximum compability for other mods and would not CTD. If you use a skeleton without SOS bones you CTD regardlessly, same as with BBP and no BBP bones and TBBP and no TBBP bones.


I personally had no problems in form of CTDs with SOS and SexLab Framework interacting.

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