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Issue with Sexlab + Schlongs of Skyrim

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I'm having a peculiar issue wherein after my male character performs a sexual act using Sexlab Matchmaker and his erection is over, after the "erection exhaustion" period, he become erect again, causing him to unequip his body armour. Does anybody know why this might occur?


I tested to see if it was solely a Schlongs of Skyrim Issue, however, if I become erect and don't perform any sexual act using Matchmaker, my character doesn't become automatically erect again after the "erection exhaustion" period, leading me to believe it's due to a combination of the two mods.


Any help would be appreciated.

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The SOS - DLC armors patch fixed this issue for me, though I only ever noticed it on a character wearing vampire armor.
Edit: Scratch that. It was turning off the W.E.A.R. system in Frostfall, though the patch didn't hurt.
Edit 2: Or... not. Just file all of the above under "attempted fixes," as this problem keeps coming back. I haven't been using Matchmaker, though - SexLab Submit, if that helps.
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It would seem that this would be an issue with SOS + Sexlab then, and not just due to a specific addon for Sexlab... Now if we could just work out why it is happening! As I said in the original post, the fact that the "erection exhaustion" period from SOS doesn't result in stripping when having not performed a sexual act (and just using an erection spell) seems to indicate to me that Sexlab is issuing some kind of command which interferes with the after-effect, which thus causes the stripping. It wouldn't be such an issue that the male characters decide to become erect again after the exhaustion period if they didn't strip...


If there was a way just to eliminate the stripping effect, that would surely resolve the issue?


It's not a serious issue but for immersion purposes it is quite annoying. I would love for someone with modding expertise to look into this.



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The stripping and redressing seems to come from the SOS_ErectionMagicEffect_Script script attached to the SOS_ErectionMagicEffect. I suspect the way SL triggers SOS is somehow causing that spell to be applied with a delay. Problem is SOS does not come with script source, so there's no easy way to look what is causing the issue.

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