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Shadow Run Returns


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Greetings Lovers Lab

I know i dont post all that often, but this time i wanted to just let people know about Shadow Run Returns, and it's potential as a game hopefully added to this forum, due to the level editor and probably modability, i think you could definately make a few more Erotic adventures in the games editor.


without ado!




I am loving the game after just 9 hours of play, do remember the game was funded by kickstarter, so it isnt very mega long, and doesnt fall under the AAA+ rating.





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It is sadly fairly linear, but the editor allows you to build bassically anything you want.


Though i didnt experience this linearity as a negative, simply because the story being told is THAT great, specially for the tiny budget compared to conventional titles, I can really recomend it if you enjoy a story being told.


But in the end it is the community who makes this game to a succes through making stuff in the editor, and bassically you Should be able to just put up files or make a custom way around steam?



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I have been very pleased with SRR so far. Is the default campaign that comes with the game short and linear? Yes. I finished the Dead Man's Switch campaign in about 9 to 10 hours and that was with taking my time, exploring and reading everything.


This however, is not a game that is designed to stand alone with just a studio made campaign and then players go along their merry way.  Shadowrun Returns is about player made content. Its about people getting into the editing tools and making their own modules and campaigns. The tools are provided to create some great stories and missions. Its just going to take people to put forth effort to create worthy material....which can take a while.


Harebrained Schemes will continue to support the game however. They are already building another campaign in the Shadowrun Berlin setting.


If you are still on the fence about buying for the full $20, wait until the holiday sale in a few months. I feel its worth the $20, but then again I pre-ordered it for $15.... sooooo, ya. I think there are a few post release tweaks they need to fix, but its nothing game breaking. Well worth it if you are a true TT Runner from back in the day.

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