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Odd texture in the sky


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If SKSE is not working properly then your ENB is not going to work right either. Make sure both are the latest version and that your ini files are using the settings needed for the ENB to function right. You can tell if the ENB is loading right as you should see ENB information of the Main Menu in the top left if it is loaded.


Most ENB already have Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering configured so make sure that in the Skyrim Launcher that these are both set to Off (Best Performance) as both of them can cause the issue you are having. Wouldn't hurt to make sure you are running Skyrim using the SKSE_Loader.exe either.

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i liked the 0.192 because it implemented screenshot option whit print screen that works as intended, another issue that optimus technology has. in skyrim somehow it does not let you take the screenshot. it will distort it and make it greyscale. thx

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eh. no prob i was used to use fraps for screenshots :P and whit the one under 192 works perfect. so it seems to be a prob whit that version whit some video cards i believe


Either way. Thank you very much ark for your time and information was very useful

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