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Fallout 3 slavery mods- but *you* get to be the slave. Any available?

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Please forgive if I didn't comb through dozens of pages and my search skills are now atm.


Is there a mod similar to Simple Slavery in Skyrim? New Vegas had a slave town where you got to be one but you weren't sexualized enough.


Being the bondage loving female player degenerate coomer I am, I'd like to play where slavers capture and turn you into one or drag you for hours on a silent trek.


Any help or ideas? Fallout 4 has only us the player as the dominant.

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I realize this is very late, but better late than never I suppose.

The only mod on Fallout 3, that I know off, where you get enslaved is Friendly New Neighbors. 



You basically just get captured, held in a cage for a while, then dragged along for a few hours to your new owner, only for the slavers to end up getting killed before you get there, then you are free again. It's also a bit buggy, last time I played it the part where the slavers were supposed to die didn't trigger and nothing happened. 


It's not much, but it's the closest thing Fallout 3 has to a player enslavement mod. 

A shame really, I wish Fallout 3 had more mods like that, luckily New Vegas has some, as Bicobus already pointed out. 


The same author also made another slave mod, FNNCQ, but that only allows you to enslave others. 

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