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Generate FNIS warning


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Hi, I'm trying to install the Skyrim SexIs mod and I've installed SKSE and FNIS, problem is although it looks like everything is in place, when I go onto the game, everyone is just frozen  and its the same for my own character model, I can't see my own arms when I'm clearly attacking and yeah, so I can't do anything really. 

When I clicked update fnis behavior it just says It's not being run from the right directory, although it currently is being run from: C:/Users/Documents/MyGames/Skyrim/Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users

I'm pretty newbie when it comes to all this so I guess I could have done something wrong.. but I would appreciate any help, Thanks


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C:/Users/Documents/MyGames/Skyrim   is where you have your savegames, ini files... usually

it should be: C:program files/steam/steamaps/...


then it says:

skyrim: ?? ??

at the beginning

you should have:

skyrim: 1.8 or



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Yeah, I have windows 8 and when I search for Skyrim, literally this is the only thing that comes up and this is apparently the file location for it too post-194900-0-02599700-1374068449_thumb.png

This is the other folder in which the Skyrim.exe thing should be stored post-194900-0-83670300-1374068563_thumb.png

Genuinely don't understand this, I did buy this off steam yesterday by the way

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hi PureSabre!
what is it totally wrong installation path!
correct path: C: or D: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Skyrim!
how can your game go if you have it installed in the Documents folder, without steam can only run a bootleg? you should use an illegal version FNIS will not run !!

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Does no one read the error message or the readme any more? It clearly says what is wrong in that window.


All mods should be installed to the Skyrim Data folder.


Make sure all the folders from FNIS are installed correctly. There is step by step instructions on how to make FNIS work.


1. Download SKSE from here

2. Go to the FNIS download page on the Nexus. 

3. Download the file called FNIS Behavior V3_5 -- ALWAYS necessary

4. Download the file called FNIS Idle Spells V3_5 -- ADD-ON for the spells

5. Unpack both FNIS files to the desktop.

6. Unpack SKSE to the Desktop.

7. Copy the contents for the SKSE folder to the main Skyrim folder (The one which contains the Data folder)

8. Copy the entire contents of FNIS Behavior V3_5 -- ALWAYS necessary to the Skyrim Data folder.

9. Copy the entire contents of FNIS Idle Spells V3_5 -- ADD-ON for the spells to the Skyrim Data folder.

10. In the Skyrim Data folder go open the folder called "Tools". (If it's not there you have not followed the instructions, start again from the beginning)

11. In there you should see two folders, one called GenerateFNIS_for_Modders and another called GenerateFNIS_for_Users

12. Open the folder called GenerateFNIS_for_Users

13. Run GenerateFNIS_for_Users.exe

14. You should now see the FNIS window open up.

15. If you are using xp32 skeleton then make sure you select "SKELETON Arm Fix" from the menu at the bottom of the window.

16. Select "Update FNIS Behaviours"

17. Open Skyrim

18. If you followed everything exactly your game should now be fixed

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