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Cubman vs Priapus - Stuff Pack

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Cubman vs Priapus - Stuff Pack

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Hi guys,


This is a bumper stuff pack of wall art for your Sims, featuring the amazing work of Priapus.  I have to shout out to the lovely "Richloves", who originally asked me to update some of my older pieces, and that gave me a spark to create a whole new Stuff Pack.  Contained within are 12 different wall arts:

  • Hanging Rug: uses Drape of Danger as a base (Requires Movie Hangout)
  • Shooting the Past: 20 swatches using Outdoorsy Indoors (Dream Home Decorator required)
  • Shooting the Past Solos: Based on A Perfect Swirl wall art from Dine Out
  • Cock: uses Coq au Peinture (Base game)
  • Dick: 5 swatches using Songs of Simisuri (Movie Hangout required)
  • Gilded Frame: Uses Jazz Cats picture from the base game
  • Harry: Harry is Priapus' main guy.  Here are 10 swatches based on Leyland Home Travel (Dream Home Decorator require)
  • Man Parts: 10 swatches using Simple and Clean Art (requires Tiny Living)
  • Simply Fucking: 15 swatches using Utopian Wall Mural (Get Famous)
  • Supersized: Uses Utopian Wall Mural
  • The Barbarian: Base Game Compatible based on Supersymetry
  • Undercover: Uses Viva More of a Landscape (Base game)



As always, I've tried and tested it in game, and if there are any issues, please do let me know and I'll do my best to rectify it. 


You should be able to find all items using "Cubman vs Priapus" in the catalogue search field.


If you like this stuff, I can highly recommend heading over to: Priapus of Milet (thepriapusofmilet2.blogspot.com) and take a look at some of his work.


Always open for suggestions, comments, or just a quick chat.  Would love to see how you hang this art in your Sims game!


Take care

C x





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