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OSouls + Immersive Wenches Patch

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OSouls + Immersive Wenches Patch

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NOTE: Screenshots are from the IW Patch
Always wanted to try something different? But aren't into creatures and all the odd things out there? OSouls now lets you start an Ostim/Osex scene with Souls and optionally Wench Souls(still odd but not as odd for me)! Currently in the Soul Cairn.
Screenshots is one of the Soul Wenches you find.

Permission is granted shown in the picture for the IW Patch
All the real credit goes to lordkoz for the Immersive Wenches mod :)

OStim addon support: 
Haven't tested all addons but will keep this updated but most addons should work. that aren't mentioned yet but needs testing. All animation addons work too.
Excitable Subs for OStim
Im sure most of them you won't have an issue. This mod doesn't alter anything in the OStim series.
As simple as starting a scene (currently only able to press the up arrow key on keyboard) on the Soul you want to tap into! ;)

need to have Dawnguard DLC
You need  Ostim and its requirements for this mod to make sense. Without it this mod won't do anything.

For Immersive Wenches Patch
Same as above but just need the main mod of IW

What does this esp include inside?
Just only the records of the souls i edited, no scripts or assets or records have been carried over. All this does is just do a minor edit to the souls to be treated as a normal npc that you can normally start a scene with the default key to start a scene. No dialogue is needed to start it. 

Potential Conflicts
All i edited were just the souls, so if you have no mods that change their records then you will be fine. If their is conflicts from an overhaul please please check the SSEEdit/XEdit records and confirm which mod is getting messed with.
Putting it after might not let the overhaul mod records to go through and putting it before won't let this mod work.
Please let me know what mod it is so i can make a patch for it(It will take time due to permissions).

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    Immersive Wenches(for the Patch), OStim and it's requirements, Dawguard DLC
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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